Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gold Deer Inserts!

Hello everyone!
Here I wam again, coming at you with a new insert! Its a little different this time however. Because today, this one is for sale :O Dont worry! Ill still be offering free inserts to match your Daily/WO2P and such. Its a new thing Im trying so bare with me. 

I absolutely love making inserts for all of you!
Y'all are the reason why I do this. Okay enough blabbering! Haha

Here are the new inserts!
As of right now on 5/28/15 at 3:04 am they are only available in Personal size but Im hoping I can do the A5s tonight as well :)
UPDATE 4:16 AM: i am exhausted but I also made the A5s. Enjoy :)

Please enjoy and tag me on instagram once youve set them up!

p.s. Im looking for promoters to try out my inserts for FREE! Reps will be chosen based on social media folowers and feed. Please email me at or DM on Instagram @kenialouve, if youre interested.

Purchase Inserts Here:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Insert Alert! Colorful Arrows WO2P

Hello everyone!
Made some new inserts for you all.
I obviously have a thing for watercolor. I made these because I sometimes dont have time to decorate my pages, and I wanted something bright and colorful that would require minimal decorating for those too busy days. And of course, Im sharing them with you all!
Just on a side note: I spend alot of time making these for not only me but for you too. They're free to download because I know what its like to be on an extreme budget. But I hope you all appreciate the time I spend making inserts for you all. I include a PayPal donation below for those who can and choose to pay a little. Its not required, but any amount is appreciated :) Ive got bills too! Lol

Right now these are only available in Personal size. I know I havent finished making the personal sized lists for the Watercolor inserts but hang in there guys. Theyre coming soon , I promise! :)
Without further adeu, enjoy! Happy Spring! :)
UPDATE 5/28/15: After a long wait, the much requested A5 is NOW AVAILABLE! Woot woot!
On a side note, ill be opening an inserts shop soon on Storenvy to avoid the etsy fees and to keep costs at a decent price :) please stay tuned.


Personal - Download
*PDF Preview is showing Side 2 Inserts in Landscape form but download file works fine. If you have any issues, please let me know :)
A5 - Download
*Again, for some reason the PDF preview for Side 2 is always wrong. This time its missing the "Sunday" and its in Landscape form. Download file works fine though. If you have any issues, please let me know :)